Friday, October 23, 2009

First things First

I guess I should post a little bit about what the first story will be about. Duh!

The first will be the first story I came up with, which will actually be five books. Each telling the story of Janie, a young woman who quits her job, moves back to the small town of Edenton and into the house left to her by her maternal grandmother.

The only problem is she is undecided on what kind of job she wants this time around. And, the small town doesn't offer a lot of options.

What she gets is more than she's expecting.

In the snippets to come you will meet the people in Edenton and follow her journey to a new career and life.

My First Post

As some of you may know I have been doing a little writing. I have a number of books that are done and I am busy doing a lot of editing.

I wanted a place to post snippets of my stories where I could get feed back from family and friends.

This will be the place.

The first thing I want to mention is that it is a lot harder than I thought. Not the writing part, but getting the finished (or almost finished) piece ready to submit. In all my research, I've discovered that, unless you are an English major, you will most likely have to hire an editor to go through your work and polish it before even thinking about sending it to a Literary agent or publisher. And, the cost of this was nothing I had considered. I'll have to put this money out without a guarantee that the work will sell.

I have found two possible candidates but will have to start budgeting for it and will have to select one book a year to have edited. And, all this is before I will be able to submit it and get rejected. I've been told to expect numerous rejections letters on the path to getting that first offer. I've never been good at rejection. This, too, will be a learning process.

I am also a member of a local writer's club. We meet in LaPlata every two or three months to network and share and support other budding authors.

I am hoping that this place with help me a get snippets of my stories out there and get feedback to aid me in refining my work. With luck, some of you may even help me to focus on my best story.

And, who knows? Maybe word will reach a publisher who will like my work. I've got to stay positive, right?