Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Latest

Hello, is anyone out there? LOL

Here's a little update to where things stand as of today.

I've gotten Janie's Got The Knack, Book Two back from my editor. Not as bad as I expected, mostly punctuation. Still, it will be slow going to read through every page and make changes.

My next book event will be Saturday, June 8 at the LaPlata Artfest. The LJWC (club) will host two tables for our book sales. I was hoping to have Book Two of Janie's Got available by then, but I am still in the fixing things found by the editor. Thus, I don't even have it uploaded in order to make the cover for printing. It may be another month before it's done enough for purchasing the proof for the final review.

It may be September before I have the next book event at Booknuts in White Plains.

In the meantime, I did create postcards for my two 99 cent e-books to hand out during the ArtFest. Other than writing the information on the back of my business cards, or telling people about them, there was no way for people at a book event to know about the short stories on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

That is all for now. Til next and read some more.