Thursday, November 12, 2009

Meet Mil - Janie's best friend

The train was due at five. Anyone who’s ever traveled by train knows they are very seldom on time. Janie, who used the train to commute, knowing this, arrived at five.

Thus, she only had to wait twenty minutes, which she supposed was good time considering it was a Friday.

After parking the car, Janie walked up to the platform where the train would stop. Not knowing which car Mil would be on, she stood alone hoping it would make it easier for Mil to spot her first.

Janie was scanning the people as they disembarked, when she heard someone yell “Jem.” She knew who it was without looking cause no one but Mil called her Jem. She turned just as Mil dropped her bags and threw her arms around Janie in a bear hug. Janie embraced Mil at the same time. They pulled back at the same time and eyed each other.

Mil spoke first. “Girlfriend, you are looking good. Have you lost weight? I’m jealous. You hair looks great. I’m jealous. Boy, what a train ride. I’d forgotten how long they could seem. Did you drive? Where’s the car?” When Mil stopped for a breath, Janie jumped in.

“Girlie, I’m happy to see you, too. How about if we wait until we get back to the house before I answer all those questions?” Janie asked, looking down at the bags at her feet. “Are these all your bags?”

Mil picked up the overnight bag and handed it to Janie, replying, “Yes, just the two. If you carry the overnight one, I’ll lug the bigger one.” The bigger one was not really all that big, although bigger than the overnight bag. Janie was quite happy to take the overnight bag. From the look of the other bag, it looked to be busting at the seams.

She gave it the eye one more second before looking back at Mil. “I’m glad I brought the car even though it’s not that far. Lugging those suitcases will make it seem like miles and miles. The car’s parked over this way,” Janie said as she led the way to the parking lot. “Oh, by the way, I’m so happy to see you, Girlie.”