Thursday, March 27, 2014

Books are ordered

Good news; after much editing and proofreading and more editing, I have finally placed an order for Witchy Tales: Gail Warning.  Even better news is that I already have several sales waiting in the wings.

I, however, am having problems getting the formatting right on all of the available readers on Kindle. Once I resolve this issue, the book will be available on Kindle. Then, I can get it ready for Barnes & Noble.

It seems I will be writing a sequel to Hooked, as I've had several requests for a sequel. That will happen after I get Janie's Got It Bad, book three of the Janie's Got series, edited. At least at that point, I will be able to concentrate on starting Hooked Two.

And, finally, once I get Witchy Tales fix on Amazon and B&N, I will be able to update my website with current information.

Til then.