Sunday, November 22, 2015

After-LocalAuthorsReception-Report (finally)

Gosh, it's November and a few days before Thanksgiving and I realized I haven't updated in months.

The Local Authors Reception at the Waldorf Library in August was successful, as usual. We had a good crowd, and although I did not sell anything that day, I talked to a lot of people so they know my face and name.

In reality I haven't done much since the Local Authors Reception in August. I retired at the end of October; thus, I've been dealing with a lot of paperwork and follow up phone calls and home projects, etc. So I decided to dedicate the first few months to doing home projects that have been waiting for someone. Most likely, I'll start back to writing when it gets too cold outside to do anything else.

I've spent much of the summer investigating other ways to increase my sales; I need to reach a wider female audience. I value my fans, but need to grow my base.

Several months ago, we lost one of our favorite supporters: Booknuts in White Plains, MD. They allowed local authors to sell their wares in the store (something many big-name chains will not), but due to personal reasons, they closed their doors. I recently got word that a manager of our local BAM books store will be giving us some valuable information on how we Indy authors can get our books into bigger chains during one of our LJWC meetings; sure hope this opens some doors.

I've also gotten a lead on another local bookstore that may be willing to host a "local authors reception" and will check that out as soon as I find their location.

All in all, I may have to consider some of my inventory a total loss and move on to new stories.  

One other thing: at some point in my near future I want to introduce some arts and crafts at local craft fairs. I have to figure out a work area, buy inventory, and figure out where to store it.

So, as you see, I have plenty to keep me busy.

Until the next time, pick up a book, scrunch down under a throw, and get lost in a story.