Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Time for update

On Saturday, June 11, 2016, I, again, participated in the annual Charles County ArtFest.

This was one of my best years for sales. I was very shocked and pleased.

It was a hot day, one of the hottest so far this year. Even though we were under a canopy covering and had a breeze, it was hot. I was upset that all of the food vendors available this year only had water and sodas, which we had our own. It would have been nice to have had lemonade stands or flavored teas available as before.

Again, I shared the space with The Life Journeys Writers Guild as in previous years. We had a lot of activity and managed to meet and talk to a number of people. Besides myself, there were two other authors and their book(s).

Two notable sales for me were: first, a gentleman stopped and started asking about the Janie series (1-3) and Hooked and Hooked Too. He wasn't put off that they are romances, and loved the larger print. Then he asked me what kind of deal I would give him if he bought all 3 Janies. I laughed and told him I had never had to consider that. But, doing a quick calculation, I told him what I would do. Then, he asked for a deal for all 5 books. Again, I laughed and we came to an agreed upon price and he did buy 5 books.

The second was a lady who had stopped by earlier with two of her friends. She came back to purchase Hooked 1 & 2. As I was preparing to sign them, she asked the same thing the gentleman did, except she wanted all 6 (Janie (1-3) and Hooked 1 & 2, and Witchy Tales: Gail Warning. I gave her pretty much the same deal as I did the man.

So, in total, I sold 14 books. In addition to the above sales, I sold the last copy of Witchy Tales, and a special offer on Janie 1 & 2.

What a grand feeling. I hope they enjoy them as much as I did in writing them. I was happy to have to order a few more copies of Janie 3 and Witchy Tales to put back into inventory. Plus, today, I printed more of my book description post cards handouts. I'm ready for the next one, whatever that might be.