Thursday, October 26, 2017

OMG! My last post was March and it's now October.

I knew it had been a while since I posted here, but had no idea it had been that long.

It's been a busy summer. I've done a few events, one being the annual LaPlata Artfest, but mostly I've been taking care of things around the house, training and walking my German Shepherd pup, taking a gun course, visiting or helping nieces/nephews and/or parents.

I also had "kick back, put your feet up, and get lost in one of my books" trade-marked. Which means all new market material will have to have that added.

Still a lot to be done, however, I'm powering down on those for the winter and will get back to writing. Plus, researching other market venues. This is the type of thing one has to deal with when becoming an Indie writer. I love having control over my work, yet, when it comes to marketing and expanding my fanbase, I feel overwhelmed.

And, if I could afford to hire a maid, I'd have more time to dedicate to all of the above.

Nice! I notice that I've been writing this blog since 2009. I'll try to do better in 2018, on all accounts.

Until next time, kick back, put your feet up, and get lost in one of my books ™.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Janie's Is Out!

Hello Bloggers and Bloggetts.

It is official: Janie's Got It Good, book four is now on Amazon and Kindle. My order has arrived in time for my next events.

The first event will be at the Wade Community Center in Waldorf, MD., on April 1, 2017.

And, again this year, I'll be at the ArtFest in LaPlata, MD., on June 10th, from 11 - 5. Rain date: June 11. The ArtFest is a great event; they have musicians, crafts, arts, food, and so on.

Plus, this year I will be adding some art projects I did over the winter.

Each is a small canvas painting, which would add a bit of color to your book shelf or mantel during the Christmas holiday.

Put June 10th on your calendar and come out and see what there is to see.

Until the next time: kick back, put your feet up, and get lost in one of my books.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Hello Everyone.

It's a new year and I'm still busy, mostly, still home projects.

The weather is warming fast; soon it'll be time to do yard work.

Haven't had many opportunities to do sales for Bugs on the Windshield. I hope to get back to the annual ArtFest in June. I've had good feedback on the book, which is a good feeling. Just wish I could get people to leave good comments on Amazon or wherever.

I've made a slight change to my website title, instead of just Books by I've added Kick Back Books (I did a search for any websites by that name and found none) by. I wanted something that would indicate the easy reading nature of my books. I've also added, "Kick Back, put your feet up, and get lost in one of my books", to further clarify.

I still have much to do, one being to finish Book 4 of Janie's Got series. The proofing has been done, I just need to make a few changes and then it'll be ready to go.

That is all. Until next time, keep reading.

Friday, November 4, 2016

An important note to my readers

I wanted my readers to know that Amazon is pricing several of my books at a "minimum" price.

Example: Janie's Got It Bad is priced at $8.90; Witchy Tales: Gale Warning is priced at $8.50, and Hooked Too is priced at $8.65.

If you have a reader, they are available on Kindle for $2.99. Plus, you may order them directly from me for $8, which will include postage.

If you would like to order directly from me, please send me an email at

Until the next time, read on!

Bugs on the Windshield

The first order of Bugs on the Windshield has arrived.

Signed copies are available from me for $7.

It is also available on Amazon and Kindle.

I hope you enjoy this thriller, which is a departure from my normal romances.

If you do, I would appreciate feedback, here or on Amazon.

Thank you.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

October already

Hello Bloggers and Bloggets.

I've been busy with home projects and have finished two books. Well, one and re-written/finished one that was written several years ago.

I finished Bugs on the Windshield and here is an advanced look at the cover:

Let me know what you think.

I have ordered the proof and once it gets the "all clear" from my proofreader, I can get it on Amazon and get a big order placed.

I also finished Janie's Got It Good, book 4 in the series (and possibly the last), which is now with the editor. I'll be preparing the cover while I wait for the edits to finish.

On October 29, 2016, the Life Journeys Writers Guild will be hosting a LJWG Big Quarterly Author’s n’ Things Showcase Party event from 2 - 5 p.m. at the Blue Crab Stadium in Waldorf. This is open to other vendors, so come on out and see what's available. Think Christmas gifts.

Remember to check out my website for book lists and new news.

That's all for now. Until the next time.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Good news

Hello Blog world!

Wanted to share some good news with you.

I recently received an email from the library telling me that, "your book, Janie's Got It Bad has been selected to be one of our featured books for the August 20th Local Author's Reception at Waldorf West Library at 2 pm".

This is, both, exciting and scary for me. I know that the library will highlight my book on their website and in the flyers; however, I'm not sure what else will be required. I've been attending this event for 4 years, I think, and never hoped...but maybe now my name is getting out there and this means the public will demand more of my writing.

Need to get busy. Plus, I will have to spruce up my biography and get a good publicity shot of myself and work up an 'elevator speech' to present at the reception. 

At the same time, I'll continue working toward getting Bugs on the Windshield done in time for the Virginia Book Festival in 2017.