Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Latest news

It's been a while since I posted here due to being involved in getting Hooked e-published. Trying to market. And multiple fixes, preparing Book Two for publication, among other things.

The process has been a learning experience, for sure. The writing was the easy part.

I've sold a number of copies, both in e-book format as well as hard copy. I've also gotten some positive feedback, although not a lot of written reviews.

I've created a website -

I've posted the link to this page on the new website as Vistaprint charges extra for a blog site. Why pay for one when I have this one already. The Website is inexpensive, the 250 business cards were free for joining. I've created a gmail account where customers can contact me for comments or orders. This has helped me minimize the total expenditures, as even e-publishing and ordering hard copies is not cheap.

I've also learned things during this first attempt at self-publishing. I have another book ready - Janie's Got A New Job - going through final proof. I'm using those lessons learned on this book and hope to publish it before the end of the year. That is all for now. I hope to be back more often to post my dream-walk.