Saturday, July 9, 2016

2016 Local Authors Reception

Summer is officially's HOT!

Wanted to take a moment and update a couple of things that have come up since my last post.

The Local Authors Reception at the Waldorf West Library is coming in August. I have registered to attend again this year. I will present Janie's Got It Bad, Book 3, which is the latest in the series. Even though it has been out for some time, I was unable to do sales events last year. I will have copies for sale as well as offering a 2 for 1 sale on Janie 1 & 2.

As I said in my last post, I was working on another story that had been waiting for me to get back to it. Well, since then, a different story came to mind and I am now working on it as often as I can. This is a really different story; a thriller I'm calling "Bugs On The Windshield". Here's a short synopsis:

Shelly Rhymes was a hard woman. In her 42 years of life, she’d lived a lifetime of hell. Raped at fourteen; forced to have an abortion because she couldn’t bear the thought of giving birth to her own cousin, she ran away at fifteen, living on the streets.

Jack Daniels was his real name; given, courtesy of her favorite drink, by his drunken mother. He didn’t give much thought to a mother dead long ago, like the bugs on his windshield. Sometimes, in the lonely hours before dawn, he thought of her and his life. He owed much of what he was to that drunk. 

I've recently became aware of a Virginia Book Festival that is scheduled for March 2017. I really want to attend this event. One of the conditions for entry is that your book must be published in 2016 or early 2017, and we must submit two copies with the registration due by October 2016. This means I must finish this story quickly if I am going to get it edited and published in time.

Other than trying to get "Bugs On The Windshield" done in time, I'm wondering if I would be better off trying to finish "Janie's Got It Good", Book 4 of the series, as it is mostly written; it just needs tweaking and editing.

My heart and mind are focused on Bugs On The Windshield", as if there's an urgency to get it done, anyway. Besides, if I fail, I will try again the following year.

A final thought before I close: I have to check with the Festival to see how I can register by October if the book won't be published until late 2016 or  early 2017. Hmm, good idea!

Until next time...Read.

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